UK 4G LTE Proxies Tier 1 Providers - Testers Needed

Hey mpsocial members!

We’re looking for some users to test our new platform of UK 4G dedicated proxies and report back, We’re looking to test standard web access and also social media accounts/jarvee.

Single user on each proxy-based out of the UK, totally FREE.

Thanks, Fordy.

I would take it :slight_smile:

I’m definitely in. Let me know!

Thanks @Diesel @postercamp DM sent

Can I get one please if still available


@william40 please send me a dm and will sort access.

I would like to try please.

I would take it :slight_smile:

Let’s try! I’m in…

Defo interested!

need trial :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Hey @fordy :slight_smile: I’m interested to test it as well :slight_smile:

HI @Bianca, @kytan91, @LaurenceM, @IGsocialize, @Geoimranawan can you please DM me so i can respond to you.


hello @fordy, I would like to participate as well.

I’d love to test, I make hundreds of accounts daily, let me know how much bandwidth you want me to use, LOL

Received 1 4G proxy as review copy.
Been using it for 2 days now. Im using it for pinterest account. The proxy works as it should be. And Im pretty impressed about the speed. Blazing fast with 1k ms. Very good one.

Wondrring how much you gonna sell this?

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@Luca, @CARNIVORE We’ve got some more proxies next week so will add you to the list.


thank you for that :pray:t2:

Appreciate that !

Can you add me to the list? I’d like to test your proxy too. Thank you.