UK Instagram marketing meet-up | London

Saw a thread that someone recently responded to about a meet-up in Los-Angles.

Any Instagram marketers willing to come to a small event in July 2020 in London? I can hire out some space for everyone to meet-up and we can arrange speakers among ourselves to make hour long presentations on specific Instagram marketing topics.

If you’re interested just reply to this thread! Thanks.


Hi Laurence,

Yes this is something I may be interested in.

London is 2 hours away from me.

Looking forward to any others that may attend. :+1:

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Interested! 13 char


I could join!

Thanks for the interest so far, I reckon we could potentially make this work, I’m sure there are lots of other Instagram marketers around the same sort of area.

Received quite a bit of interest outside of MPsocial too from instagram marketers. If you are from the United Kingdom and interested in this, please do show your interest by leaving a reply, it’ll be great to get an estimate of the kind of numbers we will be able to get.

Interested. Im in the US but will be in the UK in July.

I can attend!

I live in Italy, but London is just 1,15h flight, so I could be interested as well.

I am in as well!
Digital marketer and IG :slight_smile:

i’m in. 13chars

count me in :clinking_glasses: