Unable to change phone number on Instagram page

Hi I just bought a Instagram page. And I am unable to the change number on it. Every time I try it reverts back to the old number. I have tried with multiple numbers and having the same issue. Anyone know a fix thanks

Were you editing it on the Edit Profile page, or when it asks for a number for PV?

Behavior like that usually indicates IG not trusting your changes. If possible let the information be and use the account normally, try again later. Did you try editing it directly via the App?

Did you leave it logged in for at least 24hours? What kind of proxy are you using?

I have had this with aged accounts and if you try too many times it will get locked. Try warming it up first as @schoko said.

i faced this problem a few months ago.
if you just login into a new device, just put the accounts there 2 days then warn it up then u can change the tel or mail.
good luck bro


Happened to my main account, fixed it by changing on the browser version instead of the phone.
Hope it helps

May you please share to us the user agent that worked for you?

My simple computer : macbook pro using chrome, was my personnal account. Couldn’t delete my phone number on the phone, worked on the computer. Try deleting old number on the computer and adding new one on the phone if it doesn’t work

Ah, I thought you were referring to using a different embedded browser user agent. Thanks for clarifying!

Works on browser. Make sure to confirm the linked email first :slight_smile: