Unable to create Instagram account with REAL phone and REAL Simcard (Through the APP)

Hey guys,

I am having a problem, I am trying an account with my real phone (After factory reset and new IP 4g), brand new E.mail etc.

However, I am getting an error, I even tried with another phone, same thing.

When I tried to create it with my real phone where I have already instagram account linked to the app, it worked.

The only thing I can think of is that Instagram can track the phone specs, am I right? Is there any solution?

Thanks in advance!

When you factory reset the phone you need to also create new App Store account then download instagram then create account

There’s so many variables that instagram can use to track you down. However, i’m using flawless method to create account through phones and it’s been working perfectly.

  1. Install the App Cloner APK, you will need to get the Premium version.
  2. Find Instagram in the Cloner App. You can customize the number of clones you want to create and the name of the application (give it a unique name so you can differentiate it from the original app).
  3. Before cloning, scroll down and set the privacy options:
  • Under incognito mode, check incognito mode and Automatic (when leaving the app)
  • Set the incognito keyboard to disable keyboard typing history & personalized learning
  • In Change Android ID, check change Android ID and Generate new random ID during each cloning process
  • Under Change IMEI/IMSI, set both IMEI and IMSI to Random
  • Hide WiFi MAC Address
  • Hide Bluetooth MAC Address
  • Randomize build props
  1. After cloning, delete the original Instagram application, and continue with the clone only. Deleting the original Instagram application eliminates all possible links with the original app (and its ties into the Google Play store)
  2. Remove all possible Google links from your rooted device (this means logging out of the Play Store, removing all profiles and Google Accounts)

Noticed it too. Change the country of the phone number or create first through webbrowser

Wow Zack, I appreciate your detailed respond so much, THANK YOU!!

After creating my own 4g network proxy (Which wasn’t simple for me at all), starting my own brand etc the only thing that stop me now was creating new accounts, I will try your methoc (Which makes a lot of sense to me), and will report back.

How much does the Premium version costs?

2.I won’t have to root my phone, right?

Again, thank you!!!

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I think the price is $4 to $8 for premium

No need to have multiple phones. You can use one rooted phone, app cloner give a unique Device ID & IMEI/IMSI for every clone you created.

Hi, tried this method, but still getting the signup error , after that showing email and the username not available anymore. any idea ?
i followed every steps u stated

i’m not able to create accounts awell, not even on jarvee , with 4g proxies