Unable to login new scrapers

im getting email confirmation requests on all my new logins. these accounts are from various providers i’ve used successfully for a while, on different proxies. not sure whats up

Account provider related issue

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Agree on this, IG still needs to work on it from their end.

You gotta think about what exactly you are using on all scraper accounts that IG could use to relate them.

empty char- goodluck

poor quality accounts, also the login from different proxies is not good especially if the proxies locations are far from each other.

I cant login through API either on Jarvee…Im messaging Jarvee to see what the issue is. Maybe IG changed something.

Hi. If you are logging in from a country, which is different from the country where the account is created, you might get EV. To reduce these, you could use the same country proxy as they were created from. You can get this information from your vendor. Better, create your own accounts. With so much information available, it’s really really easy now. If someone still needs assistance with creation of accounts, pls feel free to send a PM. I will guide you

If you are buying from a vendor, it’s better to buy accounts that are originally made with emails. Gmail preferably. So that, even if we get ab EV, we can still verify them all with a few clicks on jarvee

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never matter.
Not sure why people believe this much. (the different proxy)

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U need to login from the same country of the account creation to avoid Instagram verifications

Of course, the proxy location plays a big role. What we’re talking about here is if the proxy locations are very far apart from one another that’s why we recommend getting proxies that reflect the same city as much as possible so it will only look like you are on the go (eg. you first connect to your home wifi, then to your work wifi, to a cafe wifi, or a mall wifi).

I think for scrapers it doesn’t matter too much. Aslong as you are using a warmup with api limits. When they get verification straight away I just ask for replacements. Scraping in general is against IG terms and conditions so the accounts will get often from time to time. Key is to minimize that.

Slaves aka child accounts however run better on the same proxy as creation. I definitely agree with that

Are you talking from your own experience?

it’s not a question of believe it’s a fact proved by tests, years of tests, from the start Ig did not tolerate accounts login from different IP and locations all the time, that is one of many reasons for blocks and verifications.

Totally agree on this. This could lead to compromising your account and worst getting the account disabled. Also the number of actions done by the accounts could trigger blocks and verifications.