Unable to open accounts today - Anyone else?

Hey guys,

No matter what I do (4g, clean browser etc), I won’t be able to create a single account, I wonder if that may be because of my location?

In the last week I was able to create without a problem.

Anyone have a solution?


What are you using to erase fingerprints? Useragent etc.

what extensions you use when you’re creating the accounts on browser ?

There is too many fingerprints instagram can access it from browser, and whenever they can’t access it, since you block via some extension or privacy tools then they wont allowed to create a profile.

So simply fake it. Don’t block canvas fingerprint, instead show the fake thing…Same apply for other things…Audio fingerprint, WebRTC, User-Agent, Screen Resolution, Computer OS, Font etc…the list is very big, simply search what browser can access it.

The main factor is your mobile IP…You can’t create accounts on same IP is true, but you can’t even create too many accounts on same IP class as well and sometimes same ASN as well, when you go beyond thousand using your browser.

The best way to create account from browser is signup via facebook. I’ve hacked accounts of FB, and i create insta accounts from that…It’s easy for me…

In android/ios app I’ve no idea…You can go for app cloner, since they might be too good against fighting all detection, that’s why they are blocked from playstore…They are blocking and faking many things like IMEI number, android ID, network mac address etc.

People wont going to share their all secrets here…you must test, test, test …

I am using Webrtc, Ghostery and Random User agent.

@YodaMaster Yes, I understand what you mean, I also noticed during this week that I am able to create 3 accounts in a row and then in the forth one I will get that error, seems like they are detecting something (the same similar IP as you mentioned).

Then after giving it some rest, like few hours I was able to create again.

One more thing I noticed is if I use real sim card number and ask Instagram to send me an SMS instead of creating with E.mail it would work 100% of the time.

I am just curious if there’s a way or maybe specific chrome extensions to open accounts successfully without SMS :frowning:

No there is no any specific chrome profile in my suggestion.

The more accounts you will create the more signup error you will see in future, even if you use your real mobile number.