Unable to schedule, causing me stress beyond my means


Hello all!

I run FB ads for multiple clients, I take care if all their social (FB + IG).

Whenever I post, I will post identical posts on Facebook + IG. However, if I want an ad campaign to run behind the IG post, I need yo have posted the image on IG before I set up the ad campaign on the ads manager.

Unlike a Facebook post, where you can schedule a post, and then schedule a campaign behind that scheduled post, you can’t set up a campaign for an IG post unless it has already been posted.

I work with clients in different time zones, so it means waking up to post on IG and then setting up the campaign in the middle of the night, on top of this I then could be left wait a number of hours for the ad to be approved.

Have I missed a trick? Any workarounds?

Help would be greatly appreciated!!


Unfortunately, I’ve experienced the same thing. I spoke with a Facebook ads manager and was told there is no workaround for this. It is a huge hassle and inconvenience, especially since support has up to 24 hours to approve/deny a promotion BEFORE you can even reach out to them.


Its crazy they dont have this function. Really not scalable.

Thanks for your response