Unban my main account in facebook

Sorry for my bad english:
Hi, i just want to tell you that my main account in facebook get banned, after I spammed in many groups.

Account is ~9 yrs old.

I have a own facebook site where I link to amazon products. Because I get banned with my fake accounts everytime (after login I have to upload photo from me) I started to “spam” with my main account.
I spammed 2 months with main account, I never get bann or something else. On one day I get banned. After I get banned, I decided to contact facebook… nothing happened, they dont answer me. Then I tried again and again, but no reply from them. Then I did stop to contact them after 1,5 months because I thought they will not unban me.

Yesterday I tried again (last time) to contact them. I wrote them, that I got banned but I dont know why and I need the account for my job. Today I get email notifications from facebook and see… I got unbanned.

Just want to tell you, because I read in forums that you will never get unban when you spam (with main account). It takes long time to get unbanned (around 1,5 months), but its possible.


Unban an account depends on Facebook, they get to choose to either unban it or not. But it worth trying, nothing to loose.

Glad you got your account back. Thank you for your feedback.

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I wrote them I think 5 times in first month. I get never a response. Do you know why?

And then last days I tried again and see, next day its unbanned.

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Is this process the same for ig? I am banned and they won’t help, should I wait a few months?

you can do that, or keep bugging the shit out of them. It’s never really the same and isn’t something that can be promised since its the networks’ decisions.

There are MANY different threads on here about unbanning Instagram accounts here :slight_smile: search around

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I dont know. They want a personal card from you. I sent them my original, because I needed account back… Then I wrote a text that I need account for my job and I dont know why I get banned.