Unbanning Account Instagram

Hello, do someone know how to get an Instagram account unbanned?
Or at least, receiving an answer from their staff?
Because yesterday i got my account banned, and despite i sent many times the unban request from the application itself and even from the browser from the PC, but the Instagram staff do not even answer to those messages.

I care much about that account, it contains years and years worth of stuff and discussions, if anyone knows a solution, please tell me

Why do you think your account was banned? Be honest.

Mh, i think i’ve posted a nude or some borderline images, maybe it’s for that.

The problem is that their support do not even tell me if my trasgression was so bad to make me deserve the perma-ban, they are not answering at all…

one of my accounts was banned for 3 months, finally got it restored… sometimes its just time.