Unbelievable amount of errors lately

No sources, can’t find buttons, a bunch of others I don’t know. The thing is if I toggle off than on, it typically works again.

Are you talking about Jarvee errors ? Or something else

If yes, then maybe write down the errors #

what are you referring to? and what tool, share some screenshots and try to explain more the issue that you have and we will try to help you as much as we can.

Those errors are caused by different things. For the can’t find buttons, you can hover over the YES in Summary tab to see where the tool got stuck. As for the no sources error, maybe your scraper accounts got API Scrape blocks at that time or their proxies were down.

I think that in these cases the best option is to contact support, as you will faster help from there than here on the forum, if you are not very specific with your issue. Were you able to understand what is causing this?

No sources message usually means that you’re either blocked from scraping or there are indeed no more results found under the filters that you’re using.

I remember also having this issue from time to time, back in 2019 / 2020. Only affected a small number of accounts anyway, but I never managed to find the solution. Even after replacing with new sources, with accounts running totally fine on EB. Send a message to the support I guess, and if you keep struggling after a few days, just add another account / switch (I don’t think this error affects most of your accounts, right ?)

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