Unbounce landing page is weird?

Hi, I am using Unbounce and after setting up the landing page for desktop, I went to setup the same for mobile and all were messed up. And every time I try to fix the elements of the landing page for the mobile version, the desktop version gets messed up.

Landing page for desktop mode https://ibb.co/C04GJfz
Landing page for mobile mode https://ibb.co/jG0dyXR

And if I setup the page for the mobile version first, the desktop one gets messed when I try to adjust the desktop mode.

I just cannot bring the same elements at the position that I want in the mobile version after making the desktop version and vice versa.

Is it me only facing the issue with Unbounce? Any of u here uses Unbounce?

Is Thrive landing page builder, elementor pro, beaver builder are all like Unbounce where the mobile version gets messed up after making the desktop version and vice-versa?

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When you initially switch over to the mobile view in your page builder, there will be a bit of setup work involved to tailor the mobile page to the smaller canvas. This will especially be the case when you add your own content to the page.

We set the “break point” for your mobile pages at 600px. This means that any browser window that loads the page while under 600px or less will see the mobile version of the page. Any desktop browser larger than 600px will see the desktop version.

After you create your desktop page, toggle over to the mobile view and look for the Layout Assistant tab. Unbounce built this handy little tool that will essentially do 90% of the heavy lifting when it comes to formatting the mobile version.

layout assistant 2.gif

After you apply this, it’s just a matter of making small tweaks and adjustments to get things looking exactly how you need them.