Understanding DM limits

I have the dumbest question. Reading threads that recommend keeping dm daily limits anywhere between 15 and 30 … but what are we really talking about? I do f/u and get a lot of messages from accounts after they follow back. If I’m simply replying to their original message and then having a conversation, does that count towards the DM limit? If I reply to someone’s story with an emoji does that count against the limit? Or are we strictly talking about messaging accounts that I don’t currently have a connection with? Sorry for being such a noob🙄

You’re all good with this :slight_smile: You can reply safely outside of the limit

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Awesome ty for the clarification :slightly_smiling_face:

replying to a dm that you get have never been an issue, you can reply to a million DM if you receive them IG will never block you (of course the FBI will be at your home asking questions about the million DMS :joy:)

the issue is when you start the conversation with a dm, IG won’t allow you to send too many, better to keep them under 30 a day.


Yeah, you can reply

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Thank u very much luca

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