Understanding follows/hour and follows/day

So I’ve got several account up and running without problems in jarvee. Let’s call them 1 and 2.
Account 1’s follow settings is displayed as 57 follows/hour and 225 per day. Account 2 runs 34 follows/hour and 100 per day.

Now I understand that these numbers are approximates, but how can 57 follows per hour result in 225 per day? (both accs run max 600 follows per day in follow limits)

Also, today account 1 running at almost double the follows/hour has followed less than acc 2 and its nowhere near 57 per hour that jarvee displays. Acc 1 isn’t running even remotely close to the amount of actions it estimates, are my settings off or is jarvee just bad at calculating? Should I just increase and observe on my own to get it right?

If you run into a follow block, or even have a slow proxy, you may not be doing 57 every single hour. Jarvee just shows an estimate, based on your settings. It doesn’t take into account blocks, proxy, etc.


Do you have the same setting inside “social tools/edit/advance settings”.?

Take care with the filters for scrapping the may change the results

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Neither of those, both are running 1:1 at Henry’s mobile proxies and never had a problem those. It’s probably just my settings I realise, the accounts aren’t set up in the same way as I’m experimenting with new settings on one

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Also, as of the last year or so, most of us have issues hitting the limits we have our settings set to. I set mine well over the limits(around 1300) and hit 800 follows on some accounts. For clients I have it set to 600 and typically hit around 400.


No settings aren’t the same, it just seems I’ve been too trusting of Jarvees estimates.

Oh this clears up so much of my confusion, I’ll just keep working on my numbers and see what happens, thanks!

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i 2nd this, you have to manually adjust Jarvee’s estimations. Just keep adjusting settings until you hit the numbers you want

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