Understanding IG limits - help

Hi everyone,

Need help understanding IG action limits, please.
I read everywhere the 200 f/u daily limit, which might also exist with a 6k/30 day limit (read different opinions on this one).
Now, I have a couple accounts, less than 3 months old. Started automation with JV and, of course, got hit very early on with 508s and 3 day blocks on both. After about a month of struggling with them (including different DC proxies, 4G proxies, etc etc), I decided to rest one, and use the iPhone to grow the other manually. After 2-3 weeks, I started JV again on both, this time using my home connection, and kept pushing the manual actions on one of them, on the phone, also through the home network (which means manual or auto, IG sees the same IP). Automation is all fed through scraper account.
For over a week now, I’m averaging 250 F, 150 U per day, per account, on JV, PLUS about 250 F and 200 U, about 100 likes and a few comments, on the phone, with the account I’ve been growing manually as well. This without a single 508 or AC or anything like that on both accounts.

Obviously I’m doing way more than the 200F/U per day that everyone agrees is the safe limit. Do you think I’m going to get hit with the 6000/30 days? Has anyone actually tested this? If hit, can anyone confirm this will apply to both JV and phone?

Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question…

do so for 30 days straight and report back if you were successful, if you are, then you might aswell be one of the first ones to reach that mark

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Honestly 6000 sounds like a dream at this point if u can still maintain it 200 a day then just test some scaling

I just don’t want to risk “breaking” it but pushing much further… Might create a new account and push on that one, but then it’s a different variable…