Understanding which hashtags are efficient

Let’s say you use up all 30 hashtags for each post (some popular, some niche), is there a way to find out which hashtags are performing better for you? As in, which hashtags have helped the most in driving traffic/likes to your post? I know you can manually rotate hashtags and keep track which posts have been doing better but there is so much room for error (the quality of the content will be the #1 impact). Thanks

I think the only way is manual.

Something that will keep track of traffic and likes based on hashtags over the course of multiple posts and multiple accounts would be very advanced.

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Agree, we didn’t know until tried a couple of testing. Find relevant hastag fit with number of our instagram followers.

Can you please quote what you are replying to when you revive old threads (it is generally a good practice for any reply)?

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Thank’s for your advice @MojoJojo :blush:

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