Unexpected drop in views over past couple weeks

Has anybody else noticed a drop in views and likes in the past couple weeks without any change in the content? My videos are getting high engagement still, and anywhere from 50-80% traffic coming from the for you page. Videos are getting EXTREMELY good like-to-view ratios, getting comments, good amount of shares, but getting stopped at only a few thousand views, whereas other similar videos would have similar early engagement and then clock a few hundred thousand views. Feels like my videos are just dying early but don’t seem to have any reason to, based on early engagement. Is this a shadowban or something? Anybody else experiencing this in any way? Am I being suppressed by the algorithm or should I just keep moving on?

Am I wrong to think that this this level of engagement should mean it should be pushed to more users?

Theory: People are in isolation or quarantine. More and more videos are posted to tiktok each day so competition is huge.

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Does anything I said indicate a shadowban or some kind of content suppression?

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Does tighter competition make it harder to get views? I have noticed this really started when quarantine started

I really don’t know that.

It’s logical, right? More videos are posted, your video is pushed down and new ones are presented to tiktok users…

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Experiencing the same thing! It’s super frustrating. I noticed that especially accounts who are verified though Continue to get a higher amount of exposure in comparison to people without verification but with similar success.

I guess we just have to continue posting :frowning:

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I’ve had the same issue and I’m at about 500k followers. I’ve noticed it happening on a lot of other accounts too. The other interesting thing I’ve noticed is my followers are still growing at about the same rate, so while it’s frustrating, I’m not as concerned.

Do you notice that your views go up for a video after it has been posted about a week? I’ve noticed that with mine.