"Unfollow Action" Still Problematic

Hey Guys,

Been running J for sometime now and I can still manage to get “Follow Action” running but I couldn’t get “Unfollow Action” to run at all …
Sometimes I manage to unfollow 1-5 people then I’ll get a Temp Block… Anyone experience this kind of problem?
Is there a solution to it?



You just gotta test out different proxies, and also your delay after temp block to perform actions again.

Logout via the EB
Log back in via the EB
Follow one person via the EB
Logout of the EB
Wait a couple of minutes
Begin unfollowing again and you should be OK
Do not do this procedure more than once a day.
I received an AC after doing it twice in one day


appreciate it, tried almost every one of them including 4G LOL

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let me get a hand on this method :slight_smile:

Let us know if this method works better for you :slight_smile:

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Love ya guys…

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I can still unfollow 100 per hour. My daily limit is 300 unfollow. Try and know what works best for your account

I have also very strange problm with JV.
Until 16.09 follow and unfollow tools were working ok. 17.09 i saw that while unfollow tool was operating after 8 hours it only unfollowed 34 people ( it should 170 ). Strange thing is that it is not block for unfollow problem because i don’t get any error notifications in JV. I do all actions using EB.
For about 2 month this settings were working super ok and now i have big problem with unfillows. Anyone knows what happened or had the same problem?


Not sure whether is J problem or IG problem … Confusing …

Please, send this message to J support. I contacted them but we need more people to complain about this issue.

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You sure is J problem?

I’m right there with you, having the same problem on all my accounts. And the confusing part is the proxies are all different and even using uber low settings 1 to 5 per action max 20 a day. I am still getting the block.

Thanks for starting this thread, I’ll definitely be lurking to hopefully see some more good tips…lol

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Ya… J said they fixed the issues on Unfollow but I still find error in them …
I have done every single steps and methods recommended by members here …
no luck haha :rofl:

I did this and i see new update today fixing this issues, but EB for me is still useless

Oh really?
I did not run my J yet … I’m gonna try