Unfollow app for instagram

To everyone doing manual follow and unfollow. Have you found an app that will be able to do unfollowing efficiently and keeping the ones that followed back?

Ideally, it would be an app that will show you the latest accounts followed and will not require another email verification to log in, when already connected in the ig app haha.

I am hunting one myself! Will keep everyone posted.

the one i used was cleaner both for Iphone and Android. Now can’t without blocks, Think most are affected by blocks also.


I would just do it manually. Instagram doesn’t like you using these apps and I have found my engagement dropped a bit after using them.

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We were using android based app, and got our first “your account was compromised” message a few days ago. Stopped using it, doing manual unfollow now


If you have iOS you should check Rocket for Instagram.

You can sort the latest people you have followed inside Instagram and unfollow em easily.

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You can also do this on the standard app now. :slight_smile:

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Oh really? Didn’t know that since I’m not using the official one, that’s cool!

Anyway there’s some other cool features with Rocket.

Woa really?!!:?

So far I found
For android - Follower Analyzer
still looking for IOS.

Anyone got account compromised using unfollow app?
I am assuming it is using API, so it should be suspicious?
Any thoughts

Didn’t get account compromised when I used one but my engagement fell quite a bit. I think Instagram knows when you use these kind of apps maybe?

And you’ve been using the app for quite a while or just recently. It would be scary if these apps can get your account compromised lol

I used one to remove ghost followers a month or so a go. Doubt it can get your account banned or anything though.

What would be the purpose of using the app for unfollow if the whole reason for doing it manually is avoid using bots and apps because Instagram easily detects those? :man_shrugging:

A little helping hand to be able to keep those who’ve followed back without the tedious task of checking their profile one by one to see if they followed back before unfollowing them.

You are not the real pirate king ruffy

I have only been using JV as it the top software and they cannot even solve these block waves issues. I would be weary of trying other apps at this point. JV supposedly says they will have the issues solved in a few weeks, but it’s already been a few months with no real solutions

No I get it, the process of doing it manually is highly tedious and inefficient. But if you are resorting to apps you could also just stick to the popular bots like J. I always had more issues with apps like these than with bots.

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yes I did last Friday for the first time. We are thinking def API probs. Stopped using that app and now fully 100% manual operation

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They are. I wrote the developer of Cleaner an email.He said, he’s not aware that his tool would not affect those blocks. However, my personal experience is different. I can’t even log into my account from apps anymore.

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I would just be careful with those Apps. So many people report problems. Would not use them for Unfollow Actions. Or any Actions.

I experienced it for follower Analyzer. If you do the unfollows with follower analyzer you might get blocked. Just using it for the information and unfollowing manual works without problems.

It seems IG is going absolutely ham right now. It’s crazy.

I used apps on June during the blocks and I unfollowed perfectly 3000 people in 3-4 days but through the app manually, not by their auto tool.

Now someone I know is blocked from liking and commenting. She said once she downloaded the app for tracking followers (a blue called followers plus) and connected her IG she got action blocked immediately.

She didn’t mention ac but this happens as well