Unfollow bloc instagram

Hello Mp!
This morning I just received this message again when I wanted to unsubscribe from an account.

I was blocked for a day on March 22.
The first blocking of March 22 on your advice I stopped all activities for 1 whole week and I did nothing except watch a few stories then I started to increase the follow unfollow every day like this after 1 week of inactivity:

Day 1: 5-7:
Day 2: 10-14
Day 3: 20-28
Day 4: 30- 35
Day 5: 40- 49
Day 6: 50 - 63
Day 7: 60-70

Until the 15th day arrived at 150 f / uf (together)
Since this Tuesday, I have managed to reach 150 f / uf maximum per day by doing 15/16 per hour and of course between each click always a few seconds / minutes, story views, a few likes all this randomly and the most humanly possible.
But like I said earlier this morning I got a blockage regarding unfollow.
Before I was doing 200 f / uf a day 50x4 times when I received the first block on March 22nd.
Now I do 150 maximum or 14/15 per hour 10 times a day.

Namely, this is my one and only Instagram account that I have and I do everything manually on my cell phone and have never used any automation software.

I don’t know what to do anymore … yet my account is 6 years old and I am currently 79k.

Do I need to hire a professional to take care of my account?

Thank you for your help

Most likely you’ve unfollowed to many people in a short time frame. Because I wonder as you’re using manual actions, you have unfollowed 60-70 in a time span of one hour which is not recommended at all.
And yes, once you get some flags, your limits will lower a bit for some time.

It might be a bit too much. Did you try lowering your Unfollow actions ? Either way, this block is a soft one, so it should be gone in a short period of time.

Try again with smaller number of actions + stay steady for a few weeks (let’s say at 100/150 per day) before increasing again

it was before I made 200 f / uf
Now i do 150 max f/uf and I was still blocked…

you need to give the account a few days rest 2-3 days then start slowly 50 actions a day and you can increase them later.

Either the account still has very low trustscore or your doing actions too fast.
I would rest this account for some time.

  1. After a while warm up slowly. As @Luca says no more than 50 daily MAX.

  2. After warm up period don’t go higher than 100 f/uf daily for some time.

  3. Do that for a while before raising your numbers again.

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yes, exactly, it’s like starting with a brand new account you should take things very slowly until you build that trust score again.