Unfollow block - Following is 100% fine across all the accounts

Something is very weird with some of my accounts, they are unable to unfollow (Even as little as 50 accounts a day with my own 4g proxy, 1 Proxy = 1 Account).

Also, the thing is it that it seems the block is false because if I go to unfollow through the EB it’s working perfectly ok (I did mark it to unfollow through EB only).

Any suggestions?

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I’m experiencing the same thing. Only being able to unfollow 50-80 a day, on a lucky day. While following I can virtually reach my goal daily without a problem.

I had this issue as well with unfollow. I found out that it was because I had selected the option to perform all actions through the EB. Once I unchecked that box it started working again.

You are right, I just did that and it started to unfollow again!

But it won’t be detected through the API?

No. It will be detected. Unfortunately the way Jarvee still works is that it has to scrape users using the API then unfollows through the EB. That’s why the unfollow function doesn’t work when you’re running everything through the EB.


If you scrape users using the API and not through the embedded browser that will risk the account of an API block. Right?

to confirm, you are suggesting to run unfollow via API?

No, click the box that says “unfollow only using EB”. Do not click the box that says to run all actions through EB.

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Cool, that’s what I’m doing currently

I have unfollow only using EB and not all actions, but still getting some unfollow blocks.

Even though you guys unchecked the option to perform all actions through the EB, do you still have it checked to perform unfollows through the EB?

The Unfollow tool issue should be fixed now.

Please restart the software and try again.

The above is not referring to temporary blocks. It’s when the tool doesn’t do enough actions per day for some reason.

I did restart and tried to unfollow again through the EB, still only unfollowing 1 per 2 hours :I