Unfollow in specific range

I have now started to build a nice following for my nice, however the stats show many more following than followers, so I want to correct that slightly.
So my question who are best to unfollow?
I have the option of ‘user has number of followers/followings in a specific range?’ whats best?

Just unfollow the ones that do not match your criterias, which are (?)
No avatar ?
Private ?
More than 2k foll. counts ?

Scrape them, filter them, ditch them :slight_smile:

im not that hot with instagram, is it ideally bigger accounts for followers/followings you want? or accounts with less?

Ideally for organic growth, you would like to have at least accounts with a count < 1500 following and with an avatar to exclude some fake accounts (and why not the same for the followers count). If the strategy is to make it geo-targeted, also have a look at the alphabet letters, or business accounts locations…

Private, > X posts and others don’t really matter much, it’s just a “quality” service impression.

wow, all a bit above my knowledge. I just have a 2 business acc id like to grow b2b. They are growing but would love to speed the process up, lol

With some smart F/U, you can get away pretty good in terms of ROI. Your time/money invested will be worth it (automated = better). If you’re business I’d suggest to hire someone to do that for you as it will allow you to grow with your required filters and to not make mistakes + spare you the management time (some sellers offer F/U on main account, on this forum).

You’re good to go for 50-100 bucks / mo. max.

hope you dont mind me asking but whats F/U?

F/U means Follow and then, Unfollow :slight_smile: (minimum after 24 hours)

what the guy above recommended is good, just keep in mind that should keep the F/U limited and safe, start with 25-30 day then increase that value by 5-10 per day until you reach 120-150 and that’s it, keep the numbers like that for a long period of time and you will get good results.

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Yes F/U :upside_down_face: got it. Currently I’m chopping users with less than 250 follows or follow ratio less than .5 which means they could be spam accounts?

unfollow the accounts which have higher following amount than followers. this way you can just keep mostly real people.

250 followings / followers is way too strict. Bump it up to 1k at least or 1500 :slight_smile:

My target audience isn’t that big so no need to go big in terms of U/F , possibly the smaller account are better than the big accounts???

Quality of followers matter. Regardless of them coming from big or small accounts. If they don’t engage with your content, they are highly useless to you.

Yes, so really having 1 in 6 ratio probably isnt that bad until I start putting out the content and then removing those that don’t engage.

Hi Luca, what do you intend to get started 25-30 day? ie I have to unfollow only 1 time a month ?? And how many unfollow?

Then 1 month every day adding 5 -10 unfollow? Correct? But how many unfollow initialy? thanks

I don’t know how many unfollow you want to do per month but if it’s more than 200 you shouldn’t be doing unfollows only once per month better to use the tool constantly and slowly instead of 300 unfollow a day you can start with 25-30 daily and increase that number slowly until you reach your unfollow goals.