Unfollow Only Automation - Jarvee

Hey Team

Has anyone experimented with only performing unfollow activity exclusively on Jarvee and whether it results in a ban or not?

If so, what are your findings?

Yes, one of my new customer was following 5000 accounts, so I run unfollow only on his account for a month without any problems (150 to 170 unfollow per day)

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you should not have any problem when using only the Unfollow tool, you just need to proper settings start low 20-30 per day then work your way up to 100-150, I would suggest using other tools like (Like comments, stories) just to do some other actions with the account.

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How much would you increase it by daily ?

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Thanks very much for the recommendations.

Essentially, I’m looking to pair it with manual following action.

Any thoughts?

The problem with manually unfollowing for me at this point is that I’m only unfollowing those who don’t follow back, so it is a long and tedious process.

You can easily use Jarvee to unfollow users. You’ll just need to make sure that you stay logged out of other devices and that you are using safe limits as Luca said.

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Make sure that you set a night-mode inside Jarvee during the hours you will be using the account manually. You can set that up inside software settings tab.

Otherwise, Instagram will see that 2 different devices are executing actions on the same time.

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from 10-12 maximum and I do switch between API and EB from time to time.

Just make sure to keep the process smooth and steady.

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