Unfollow (Timers) jarvee not running?

I’m trying to make sure my follow/unfollow is running at separate times, so wanted to setup Jarvee to unfollow between 1 AM - 8 AM.

However, it says 0 unfollows/follows per hour?? It doesn’t run at all… I gave it 3 days just in case it was some weird bug but nothing. Not sure what else to try?

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Please send message to jarvee support, they’re the best to help you out with the issue.


Fair enough wasn’t sure if anyone else had similar or I’ve just set it up wrong.

do you try close jarvee and open it again?

Yeah kinda thinking it might be the time/date messed up on my VPS. So Jarvee can’t pick a time thats the only logical reason i guess?

Make sure you don’t have Nightmode enabled at this time. Check it in Social profiles tab


Could potentially be this! Thanks mate, removed nightmode on one of the accts let see.