UNLike don't work any tips?

Hello !

1 of my twit accounts has a lot of likes ( 28.000 ).
2 months ago i enabled/started UNlike but it doesn’t work good to low results or MP is just continue liking and not UNlike.

( sorry for bad pic i am on mobile now )

I need to delete all this Likes fast as possible.
Because i don’t use that Like tool anymore it’s useless + it looks spammy 27.000 likes😭

Honestly, I’ve never used the unlike tool so I’m just offering an educated guess.

Your settings would probably need to look like this –

and turn the tool on.

Trolling for dollars is right, that settings would work good. I also see that your tool is stopped. It needs to run in order to unlike posts.

Also, did you liked those posts through MP or Manually?


If you can’t find fast solution in MP, I suggest you to use this :

Since I used it, they now have Plans, but you still can import 10 000 tweets with the free plan…