Unlike posts benefits

i see the option to unlike post i like before
what be the benefits by doing that?

It might make sense to activate it as an action every once a week to unline 2-3 photos, to make the account actions look more random and natural perhaps. IDK. Maybe there’s another utility for it.

i don’t think unlike looks so humanly :face_with_monocle:
so i think it for something else
but I don’t shor what :exploding_head:

Its usefull when you break up with your ex gf and you gotta put that hoe behind you.

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fuck the X :sunglasses:
the Question is why its in the automation APP :face_with_monocle:

i think about 2 reasons

  1. maybe if you do alots of likes its can rise a red flag on IG
  2. IG categories your account by the likes you give so if you automation your likes its can facked the categorize

but its only my theory :exploding_head:
what do you thinks ?