Unlimited . Free . Domains any tld

In a perfect world of everyone would have unlimited domains and no accounts would get banned.

Unfortunately linking to your cpa offers/landing pages is not so easy nowadays.
You can use prelanders like tweets, g+ shares etc, or get free .tk domains.

Although there are a lot of people who are still buying .com domains and it get get pretty expensive quickly.
Today I will show you exactly how to get free .ru domains ( same method goes for .com )

Principle of why this method works -
Antoxa finds out about internet marketing
Goes to bhw
Reads about 1k$/day method about SEO
Buys 20 domains for a year and hosting for a month
Turns out method was just a scam so that Antoxa would buy X program
Antoxa gets an axe, chops his PC into pieces and never buys new PC again.

1 month has passed, Maksym doesn’t pay for his hosting, domains are left hanging on hosters nameservers, lets call these domains orphans , anyone can assing orphan domain to his hosting, so that’s we will hunt.

Step 1 , find small hosting, i will use https://www.ihor.ru/ because it has a 7 day free trial
Step 2 We find our hostings Nameservers - http://www.ripn.net/nic/whois/whois.cgi

Step 3 We go to https://statonline.ru/domains?tld=ru&dns=ns1.marosnet.ru (&dns=DNSfromStep2)
On this website we get access to what is called “reverse dns” information ( We insert the nameserver and check the database for domains with same nameservers), there are many website for .com domains , but I only know the paid ones, so if anyone knows free alternative for .com please share : )

Step 4 We scrape the domains
Step 5 We ping the domains ( we need the dead ones)
Step 6 We check http://www.ripn.net/nic/whois/ for domain info

Lucky you, we got everything automated from step 3
Script is written on zennoposter, so first thing we should do is download it - http://zennolab.com/en/products/zennoposter/download/

After installation we add the template -

1.We double click the template to open up the settings
2.Choose captcha solving service (monkeyenter - by hand)
3.We enter our NS (from step 2)
4.Choose date of the domain registration ( from 2010 for example)

We click “+1” image at the top, sit down and relax.( or solve captchas :sweat_smile: )
You will see “project completed succesfully” in the log tab when template ends its job.
Then we open the folder where we saved the template and see the file with our domains like so -

Tip It’s best to check the website by hand, copy the url and try opening it in chrome, and this is what we want to see -

Next I will open a free account on https://www.ihor.ru/ and go to cpanel
And look for “Aliases” (Might be different on other hostings)

And add “our” domain from the text file

My added domains (just made a 301 redir)

club-serial-interni.ru (3 TF, 7CF)
Yes, this can be also used as a very black hat SEO method. do not try at home


  • FREE
  • More trust than .tk or other free crap domains
  • Less steps than with prelander
  • SEO


  • You don’t own the domain, if real owner appears he can take the domain back
  • It’s blackhat, don’t put thousands of domains on your fresh shared hosting, you accounts will get banned for abuse.

download template - https://www.dropbox.com/s/mb7xx5hprgkroyw/parse2.xmlz?dl=0
Say thanks to @Johnny

Oh, and I forgot to mention , just us cloudflare to hide your websites IP from soc networks ¯_(ツ)_/¯
From Russia with love


Awhh I don’t understand anything but thanks a lot man…I will soon!

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wow thats amazing info right there @mindeswx , how does this work, i mean in order to host a domain you need to be in control of the domain to change the dns/ip.

It’s magic, give it a try :wink:
To me this also doesn’t seem very “smart?” , some/most of the hosting providers just park your domain when you drop it, so they get free traffic to it , some don’t

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Does this work with other TLD, or the magic only happens with .RU domains?, im still amazed by the quality of the info you have shared today.

Any tld, but I just know the russian database of reverse dns. , there is for example databases like http://viewdns.info/ , but they are paid : )

Isn’t it better to just buy a 0.60$ domain from namecheap?

@NickDude it depends on how many domains you need i guess )

is that yearly price or monthly also is it also for .com or .uk or .co.uk or . net ones too?

Thank you Russia and @Johnny <3 :sweat_smile:

I have some other methods to scrape url, I use Ahrefs + broken links, then export, use Excel to filter to DOFOLLOW + Code = 0 (Dead URL), and of course checking my niche, you can start with the top 10,000 Alexa/Majestic/Ahrefs sites, lots of goodies… :sunglasses:

I use vps
Powerful vps