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School of Growth Hacking: Ultimate Spring 2023 Bundle 🌞

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At the School of Growth Hacking, we go out and find leading growth hackers and marketers around the world… pick their brains about how they are building and growing their businesses, and bring their knowledge to you.

Growth marketing strategies, public relations, affiliate marketing, viral content, building world-class partnerships, negotiation, sales secrets… and much more!

As MP Social has been integral to our success, we wanted to offer a special valuable bundle to this community… seven courses for the price of one:

1) Growth Strategy and Lead Generation Masterclass ($97 value): 10x your profit and income by fusing “best practice” marketing tactics to your growth hacking and automation

2) Partner and Profit ($547 value): Learn how to master negotiation, leadership, growth hacking, sales, strategic partnership tactics, and much more… to maximize your success and growth :fire:

3) Be Paid to Publish Masterclass ($97 value): Learn how to get published in large publications such as Business Insider, Forbes, and many others and be paid for your articles :money_mouth_face:

4) Viral Content Champion ($79 value): Supercharge profits with redhot content marketing :fire:

5) Affiliate Marketing Mastery ($97 value): Learn the exact steps to earning six-figures with affiliate marketing.

6) Hack Time ($97 value): Achieve 10x more with Godlike Efficiency and Speed :alarm_clock:

7) Be Paid to Travel ($97 value): Turn the world into your playground, and be well-paid by traveling! :airplane:

10x Your Profit and Income: Strategy and Lead Generation Masterclass

Gain your competitive edge!

Learn the secrets that top-earning growth hackers and online marketers are using to dominate virtually every platform and niche online using unorthodox methods, growth “hacks,” and automation.

You’ll understand why many marketing campaigns fall short, and exactly how to diagnose, improve, and amplify them… to create a customer frenzy.

Partner and Profit: Catapult your career to new heights of fame and fortune!

Learn how to master negotiation, leadership, growth hacking, sales, strategic partnership tactics, and much more… to maximize your success and growth :fire:

Partner and Profit is the ultimate course for professionals looking to unlock the secrets of successful partnerships and get their big break. You’ll master negotiation, leadership, growth hacking, professional partnership building, outreach, and much much more to drive profit and growth to levels you never thought possible.

Be Paid to Publish!

Learn how to get published in large publications such as Business Insider, Forbes, Insider, Fortune, AskMen, Women’s and Men’s Health, Oprah Daily, Inc. Magazine, and MANY others WITHOUT a website, and be paid for your articles.

  • 4 training modules, with five screen-shared video lessons each. 20 total lessons.
  • Access to successful pitches to Business Insider, CNBC Make It, and other large publications.
  • A pitch template to create your own pitches.
  • A system for finding editor contact information.

Viral Content Champion

How to become a respected authority in your niche writing a simple content piece each day — and create viral content — in 10-20 minutes using a proven formula.

This course teaches a formula for writing persuasive and engaging content in just 10-20 minutes per day. The formula is based on how persuasive people, storytellers, copywriters, and religious leaders naturally communicate.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery

The 5 Steps Fast Track Method to earning profits with affiliate marketing.

One of the most productive online business models is affiliate marketing. It’s a huge industry, with budgets well exceeding $4 billion every year, and it’s becoming increasingly important in the shift to a performance-based economy.

In this course, we’ll discuss the method that I’ve used with some great friends to generate fast affiliate commissions almost instantly, using a special affiliate marketing technique. I’m confident this method can help you earn your first online income quickly, have a breakthrough, or build another online income stream using affiliate marketing.

Hack Time: Achieve 10x More

The goal in this course is to teach you ways to “hack” time to make it your ally. Others, looking in from the outside, will not be able to understand the secret to how you are able to accomplish so much so quickly.

You will not only “hack time” to become more efficient with your time, but also ten times more effective than you currently are.

The course is based upon references and research using a variety of sources across a wide spectrum of disciplines, integrated and experimented with over many years. The mission in doing so is to give you all the tips, tactics, and systems for unlocking your creativity, productivity and talent to achieve your greatest potential.

Be Paid to Travel: Become a master travel hacker and build a global empire! :earth_africa:

Turn the world into your playground! In this course you will learn how I have been traveling the world for the last 14 years as a full-time freestyle traveler and using a particular strategy to build thriving businesses along the way…

Not only will this course teach you how to design a life that is more exciting and colorful than any that you can imagine, but also how to use international travel as part of a fundamental strategy for growth… and become an international CEO, building up a worldwide brand of clients, customers, followers, users, and partners.

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Refund Policy:

Refunds and partial refunds can be given only if a product or course does not deliver as stated. In the case of a course or product being different than expected, credit can be given to another course or product of equal value on the site.

Have a marketing course? Want to create one? Partner with us!
Email: danny@schoolofgrowthhacking.com


Your Course is now approved! Thank you for sharing this special deal with the community, I’m sure it will bring a lot of value to those that get them!

Good luck!

Thank you admins for approving! Excited to offer this to the community :pray::blush:

These courses can definitely help you guys save time in learning the skills that you need :smiley:

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this looks really interesting and might be a valuable addition to users educational journey

Thank you Jessi, yeah I always try to tell people that they shouldn’t just buy some tool and start marketing, it’s good to first understand some of the basic principles to really create effective marketing first. When you can combine timeless marketing and sales principles (more white hat stuff) with the right tools, automations and hacks, you can really become a potent force and get incredible results.

Thank you Sli! Keep me posted if you register on the site, the courses come with several bonuses as well :slight_smile:

For example, the strategy course also comes with a free e-book, and the public relations course also comes with templates and an editor contact database with more than 3,000+ journalists. :relaxed:

A few people messaged me asking for information about the instructors.

My name is Danny, and I’m the founder of the School of Growth Hacking and the author of the book “Dr Growth,” along with several other books.

I’ve also been doing sales and marketing for most of my life (25+ years), and started several online businesses and taught digital marketing to students in 20+ countries, from Seoul to San Diego, and from Boston to Bangalore.

My marketing philosophy is simple, “all businesses grow from conversations” and to start, I help entrepreneurs and marketers to craft more powerful messages to create a buying frenzy, and to make their products and offers more addictive. I also teach powerful (and simple) growth hacking techniques to improve their targeting, and scale their offers.

There’s much more content in the courses (some have 40+ lessons) and really, something for everyone.

The other instructors we feature on our website also have deep experience on their topic of expertise, for example Kimanzi (creator of Paid to Publish Masterclass), has been featured on more than 90+ media publications including Entrepreneur, Conde Naste, Business Insider, INC, Forbes and many more… and teaches his exact system to getting paid thousands each time by publishing articles, or offer the same to clients :slight_smile:

Hope this brief introduction helps. Let me know if anyone has any other specific questions, we are here to help! :grin:

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Sounds like a reasonable offer, only $50, so it’s surely worth it for those interested.

Happy to see a quality course added to our forum.

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all having a blessed week. A couple of people had asked me what bonuses were included with the course. We really decided to pack in as much value with each course as possible so that you will have success with our training.

Strategy and Lead Generation Masterclass:

  • Free copy of the 300+ growth hacking book, “Dr Growth” (included, in first lesson)
  • Free copy of the 300+ lifestyle design book, “Buy Your Own Island” (also in first lesson)

Paid to Publish Masterclass:

  • Full journalist database of 3,300+ PR editors and contacts (get featured on the biggest publications and get paid, starting now)

Be Paid to Travel Masterclass:

  • 60+ remote work and freelance websites to find high-paying remote jobs
  • 190+ Digital nomad and Remote work podcasts
  • 150+ coworking spaces and contact info

Viral Content Champion:

  • Exclusive Member’s Only Webinar
  • Content Distribution Checklist (125+ sites to promote your startup)
  • Chat GPT Extensions and API applications

Membership to any courses also includes private access to our secret members-only group on Facebook :hugs:

Thank you everyone for your time and let me know if you have any other questions :pray: We are here to help!


Thank you! Yes we have done our best to pack in a lot of value. :pray:

Hello everyone! Happy weekend from Istanbul :blush::star_and_crescent:

There’s only a few days left on this special offer – afterwards, the bundle will still be available for a while, but we are doing a promotion with DealFuel where the course bundle will be offered for $97. If you want to lock down this early offer at this price, please grab it soon!

Thanks and let me know if you have any issues or questions!


Hi! Where can we download these files:

  • Full journalist database of 3,300+ PR editors and contacts (get featured on the biggest publications and get paid, starting now)
  • 60+ remote work and freelance websites to find high-paying remote jobs
  • 190+ Digital nomad and Remote work podcasts

Because I can’t find it in any section of any of the courses, the rest of the bonuses I have been able to find them. Thank you!


Hello! Can you PM me please with the username or email address you used to register? I’ll make sure you get those. You can also find them in the Facebook group as well.


Just checking if you got your issue sorted :grin:

Hello everyone! We have just published two more new growth hacking courses (affiliate marketing and strategic partnerships) and wanted to make the deal even sweeter, anyone who signs up through MP Social can also get a complimentary coupon for another product or course through our site :slight_smile: Just drop a comment or DM me if interested and will discuss further. Have a great week ahead!

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Hello. Is this offer still available and is it still $50?

Hello! The $50 was just an introductory offer for a few weeks before we launched on Dealify: School of Growth Hacking Masterclass Lifetime Deal - $97 - Dealify Exclusive Deal

However, if you sign up we have some other new courses, I can send you an additional coupon and you can choose another course, plus receive the bonuses, just follow up with me via e-mail. :slight_smile:

Updated with lots of new content! DM if you sign up and we will make sure to send all bonuses.

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