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Recently, users have encountered a new problem logging in to Instagram.

"Help us make sure you are the owner of this account

To protect your account, ask for help logging in. "

How to solve this problem and restore the Instagram account?

I want to warn you right away that this may not work the first time and you have to do it several times in general, how much luck.

  1. We enable VPN in the browser or on the phone.

I failed with Nord VPN, I used Opera VPN Germany.

  1. We go to Instagram and try to reset the password from the account until the security page opens.

  2. As soon as the security page opens, click the “secure your account here” link.

  3. Then you will receive a form with information verification, click “Yes, that’s right.” Then reset MAIL ONLY!

As I said before, it may not work the first time. So I tried to restore the accounts of friends, the first account turned out only a few times, on the second I was able to recover only using a mobile device. Try to change the IP address, browser and possibly the device.

Hope this helped, good luck to everyone!

Screen shots :


Great info brother. Hope it helps those in need. Thanks for share!

awesome info , right time , i’ve seen people on here facing this

Already discussed in two other branches of the forum on this issue. I gave a guide how to get around this error


Yes, but let it be in one place, in my opinion. Unless you also created a topic, please enter the link here and I will delete the topic

here https://mpsocial.com/t/impossible-instagram-verification-loop/75821/21?u=instascalp

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