Unusual Activity Instagram

Does anyone knows why this happens?
This happens to accounts with followers and also happens to freshly new created accounts with no actions at all.
If anyone knows how to bypass this please share your experience…

you need to solve the captcha manually, then phone verify your account using a real phone number. there’s no other way. most of the time using a real phone number helps avoid 24 hours review, but it’s still possible your account will be under IG review then get disabled even if you use a real phone number.

are you using an automation tool? do you run those accounts on the same IP?

I use a real phone numbers, after CAPTCHA verification it says 24 hour review, after that the accounts are disabled. I use mobile phones with 4g net. No automation tool.

Are you doing actions manually? What are you doing with the account?

After last captcha IG doesnt find my user ID when I appeal…

How many accounts do you have logged in to the IG app?

Do they also have common grounds such as:

  • The same bio description.

  • The same link, or redirecting to the same landing page.

  • Posting the same images.

  • Using the same Caption for the posts.

  • Sending the same message if you are using the contact tool.

  • Commenting using the same comment if you are using the comment tool.

  • Using more than 2 accounts from the same IP or Proxy.

Are you using proxies? How many actions have you been taking? Have you ever accessed the account from a different IP? Do your accounts have common posts or activities?

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Yes, that’s what happens most of the time after getting 24 hour review try to answer some of the questions that users asked above and we will try to give you as much input as we can.

I got around 20 of these over 2 months and then a video selfie verification