Unusual amount of PVs today?

Don’t normally start threads like this as i know this is part of the game but today I had over 70+ accs require PV. Spread across different proxy providers and everything. These are all accs that have been running for last 2 months with almost zero problems. MAYBE 1 or 2 PV’s a day out of 200+ accs. Just trying to figure out if IG had a wave today or I messed up something in my settings maybe…but 70+ today for me was very unusual.

Anyone else?

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Nope, all good here

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1 PV for me today was on an account that I have been pushing harder than others.

For accounts that have been stable for a long time, yes. I have a few which is unusual. I am reading around the forum and I see a lot of blame about the software. I think IG changed something and it will get worked out. IG is fluid and loves to mess with people. It’ll all be back to normal in a week or so.


Yep, same “pv wave” here. In addition to some banned accounts.

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Had a PV wave but it might be because I just started a DM campaign

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I also got a huge PV wave, out of 500 accounts which were running for around 3 months 200 got a PV, I solved the PV on all accounts and 1 day later they got a PV again.


Appreciate the replies guys. So it does seem like at least a few others with once stable accs for months experienced similar wave as me yd… hmmm

I find mass PV waves to be a normal monthly occurrence now- I’ve seen people in this forum make threads like this one at least 1 time per. month over the past 3 months or so. Maybe IG is doing these PV waves on purpose, I dunno.

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Yeah I just got Pvs two days in a row this week one of my accounts but also I’ve been suspecting this account has been flagged since the beginning

None on my side as well.

None here too.

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Nothing here either, but I don’t use online PV services, only real sim cards

Would be interesting to know what methods you guys who are getting these waves are using to PV accs

I was just using a cheap service but was only getting maybe 1-2 PV a day so it wasnt a big deal. Checking back over my accounts the wave yesterday seemed to mostly hit my accounts that I havent PV’d yet. The rest of my accs that were slowly PV’d over last couple months didnt get hit. Almost like after 2-3 months of automation IG finally hit my remaining 70-80 accs that have never been PV’d all at once.

I had a few PVs and one ban (my first in over a year!) but all have verified no problem with the exception of some that need PV but have no access to the email or way to change the number so they are dead now anyhow.

Sounds like IG made a small change and messed it up, and that’s why we see the PV wave, the captcha issue, the login loop.

For those that got PVs, what type of accounts were they?


What kind of proxies?

I personally think mine stem more from moving them off dead proxies and onto new ones.

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I believe i got PV from DM tool. The accs not running dm had no pv.

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I also got a ban on one of my bigger personal accs in this same time frame. Probably been about a year for me as well (besides spam accs). Already got it back though after sending 2 verification pics. Odd timing.

The 70+ PVs were all child accs so you could classify them as spam probably.
Actions were pretty mixed though, some newer and were doing very low actions. Some DM, some no DM. All seemed to get hit equally. Only thing that stands out is 90% of them had never been PV’d yet until that point.

Mostly cheap ipv4, but from diff providers.

After all was said and done and I attempted to PV them all i ended up with about 25 disabled (probably just from using cheap sms service)


Get rekt.

10000% agree with you…just a matter of time