[Update] How to Create Unique & Beautiful 1000+++ Content Just in 5 Minutes

Now as new member i just to share how i can create unique and beautiful post just in 5 minutes. Before that sorry for my bad english, :slight_smile:

List of what you need…

  1. TextImages or other software can turn text into images
  2. TSR Watermark Images Software or other software can batch watermark photos in bulk
  3. Spyfy.io or other source of quote
  4. Excel or other software like microsoft excel
  5. Beautiful font
  6. Creative Brain

I. Finding quotes…

I use Spyfy to find quotes in a minute.

  1. Login to http://app.spyfy.io/
  2. Click Brainstrom > Quotes. You can grab source form imdb.com (Movie Quotes), Brainyquote.com and searchquotes.com.
  3. Now i want search keywords Albert Einstein, select from brainyquote.com with min words 5, max words 60 (you can set min and max words) and max results 1000.

II. Grab only quotes

  1. Open Excel
  2. Paste it, it can turn into column, just copy the quotes.

III. Generate Unique & Beautiful** quote

** Beautiful it is depend on how creative you can set the colour, layout margin and spaces.
We can make quote with more the 1080px size but i just make it 1080px.

  1. Open TextImages.
  2. Copy paste quotes on Text Tab.
  3. Select "Each line shoul be saved as a single image, \nl can be used as new line"
  4. Open Font and Format tab. Set size 50, rotation none, Font and Background Color. You can drag Pipette to grab color from other picture. Tha Last is set the font you want to use.
  5. Open Margin and Spaces tab. choose Fixed Image Size and set 1080 each. Set Spaces to Top 230, Down 230, Right 115, Left 115, Line Height 15. Set Text-Align to Left.
  6. Open Save Tab. Set the directory to save the picture, file name and file format.
  7. Click Create and Save.

IV. Add Watermark (Optional)

This is just optional if you want to add watermark with your instagram account.

  1. Open TSR Watermark Images Software.
  2. Open tab Files to watermark and choose file or folder
  3. Open Watermark(s) configuration. Click Add Layer and choose Image Watermark (You need transparant png watermark to do this).
  4. Open Tab Save Watermarked pictures as and select the folder to save the pictures.

That’s all…

  • We can make more post attractive by find a software with ability to convert text to picture with transparant background.
  • Find a great font and color combination can make post attractive.

Thank’s for LIKE and help me to reach level 2,hahaha…

---------- UPDATE ----------

The answers is NO, but… I find out how to make it happen…

List of what you need…

  1. Photoshop
  2. Notepad

I. Create and setting the layout

We have to create content layout first.

  1. Create New Page, and set layout size. width 1080px, height 1080px.
  2. Build the content, but remember to name each layer. Look at the picture with highliter.

II. Define Variabels

  1. Click Image > Variables > Define
  2. Every layer come with setting, at background set Pixel Replacement to background, at quote set Text Replacement to quote, and at name set Text Replacement to name.

III. Create List of Content

  1. Open notepad
  2. and create list content like a picture. quote, name, background. Background image must be place in the same folder with listcontent.txt

IV. Setting for Data Sets

  1. Click Image > Variables > Data Sets
  2. Click Import and select listcontent.txt file.
  3. Checklist Preview to see content works well.

V. Export Data Sets to psd

  1. Click File > Export > Data sets as files
  2. Select folder to save psd data and click OK.

VI. Convert Psd into JPEG

  1. Click File > Scripts > Image Processor
  2. Select from PSD folder. Set file type and quality. And click Run.

Waaalllaaa… You have great content with different layout and text. Don’t forget to send like. Thank you.


Thanks for contributing to forum.

Helped :slight_smile: Keep up, you’ll be there soon.


Thank you for support, i’ll try my best, :smile:


with this mehod - were you able to figure out to merge nice backgrounds to the text?
Just interested as this could form part of a good way into Tee-Spring.


@octopurba Excellent share!


good share lets try


Thank you “Mr. Nice Guy”…

I have update the article…


Amazing! Going to give this a shot tonight and get this going!

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Yes, you can create content like factbold, hipdict, etc just in a second.


You’ve put a lot of time in to this post! Really helpful and awesome :clap::clap: you have my like!!


@octopurba thanks for sharing this🙏.
I need to find photoshop.


Anyone that tried the photoshop way got a fix for this?

WOW. This is awesome.
Easy and fast! Thanks for this!


Just tried Photoshop method works well apart from the quote format
Hopefully someone will be able to work it out

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If someone has photoshop ( i don’t ) i want to send you FREE 500~ hq pics without watermark if you can make this quote/text for me with the Quotes which i had shared here


Gave it a shot and it works well
Just realised I had to rasterise or whatever the command was to convert smart object into a flat background/image.

Other than that, I like how you had that extra semi transparent layer on top… not a photoshop guru, so here is the dumb question BUT… how did you do that?

Is that another layer that was added ontop of the background image? Haven’t got around to trying it but it looks way cool the way you’ve designed yours… Thanks again OP!

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Create a black box/square shape over the main image and lower the transparacy.
@william40 @vongie87 have you got this to work perfectly?How is the text layout?


sorry i must be dumb
been trying for ages just cant get it to format
the black box goes on top layer is that right
does the box need to be particular stroke width
it seems so straight forward

That’s what member have to do.

How easy now you can create a content like factbold, facts, unusualfacts, etc.

Thank’s, hopely i can share psd layout for creating content soon.

Happy to hear that.

Thank you @MPrules for sharing this.

So happy you can be more productive with that.

Did you have reset you photoshop? Try this, hope it can help.


Oh that’s not a box, it’s a layer. Here the step.

1. Create new layer

2. Select Paint Bucket Tool

3. Select the color, try black color

4. Set the Opacity of the layer

Hope it works…


/solved. Time to build some memes.
Reddit ftw.