[Update] I started using Jarvee, and it is a true social media marketing king!

I am currently up 5 followers, day 1 with a low setting for 2019. :smiley:
Total Followers: 405 Following: 246

whats is your strategy?

Which tools are you using on Jarvee at the moment? What’s your method?

@Mastema 'm still mostly playing around with Jarvee. I use Flick hashtag tool to look for well-targeted hashtags for my content. Jarvee setup is mostly taken from Aaron Ward Instagram Jarvee videos.

Aaron is cool and all, but just remember that a lot of people will be replicating the same thing he’s doing. Also I’ve noticed that he says things about Jarvee that are wrong, making me think that he’s YOLOing the whole thing :joy:

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Haha :smile:
ok so what do you recommend from a novice like me to learn and get more experience using Jarvee?

Soak in everything from Aaron’s videos and watch the account grow. Open another Instagram account change up the settings a bit and watch that grow too… Just keep doing this until you learn what all the tools do properly

hope that you can avoid action blocks, the biggest trouble when using Jarvee

I dealt with action blocks before using Everliker. I think Jarvee grants me more flexibility in automation. I ran it for 2 days and no action blocks.

2 days is really not a lot, just brace yourself for the blocks as you will probably get them sooner or later and make sure to not give up once you do. Best of luck!

suspicious user


@Molishparty @Mastema @Gaevintt
Update: My account is now at 430 followers
And no action block yet :smiley: God i love Jarvee

ULTRA suspicious user

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Maybe just a passionated jarvee lover :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Judging by his reactions he’s reaaaaally passionate about it. I almost went mental with it haha


Take it easy and don’t overdo it