Update info Instagram Block

I friend seen me these capture , he didn’t told me the source.

Its seems that out there some people , apparently other services, start talking about the 6000 follows per 30 day theory. THEY ALSO SAID, THEY TEST IT

Also the Saids that Instagram is making some “interventions” and they talk about the time that they could stop


Thanks bro <3

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Good news I see :smiley:

@mrsmith is that you ?


Thanks for sharing this information :+1::+1::+1:

There’s endless info about this in the mega threads - this is not new information. Please don’t open new threads about this.


I read mega threads and I haven’t seen there any forecast about when can it approximately end…

This text comes from FB group “Jarvee Social Group” and it’s written by its admin. 1st August as a date that these waves will stop? Unfortunately I don’t think that this is something more than just another speculation.


Finally some shreds of hope for the issue just fixing itself. Hopefully the guy who wrote it knows it from previous block “experience” otherwise it could be just a speculation.

I got into automation a few years ago and I saw so many articles and threads on forums such as BHW with similar titles (“end of bots”)… There were huge waves of PV, Actions blocks, etc… I can safely say that I think I’ve seen this happen on average once every quarter or half year…

I always look at it with this investment concept - When everyone is freaking out and losing their minds you BUY not SELL


Kacper the content of the text seems OK. But what could interesting to know is, how many times a year are they considering doing this?
Cause everytime they run a cycle like this, as you can see accounts are effected for months. Is this going to be there goal making people tired or it could also be a trick used only temp.
All is speculations right now.
My personal statement is that they wanna shake of low quality automation and engagement, and the rest will suvive.

Don’t wait for a fix, start working on another stream of income! Then you will survive volatility of the nature of automating IG.


I believe in what you say. Automation has always been something I have done a side everything else. Like one of my biggest hobbies for years now.
But I enjoy challenges to be honest.
It’s like when things break and you manage to fix it somehow, that personally motivates me. This whole situation now has become very interesting to me. I like doing different setups to see if I can breaks the code.
Reading the Mega thread has become like reading and watching the news everyday now :smile:
A side all this what makes this more spectacular is watching so many people here driven by their passion or the fear of loosing. Everyone is working so dedicated and hard to find a solution to all this. Realise people might go hard at each other from time to time, they might have less knowledge than some others, but when all comes to an end, everyone is contributing their share. And no one has really lost hope, and people are still going.

This is exactly my mindset. I do agree with you.

me too.every year always get that

End being the key word there. Why do you assume there is an end? This is quite possibly a new beginning. I’ve no idea where that message came from, but given the OP states “The info below is self-researched and to be taken as speculation”, I would just add it to the long list of self-reassuring speculation!

And again, please don’t start new threads about these follow blocks.

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hmm, so let’s hope this is true :crossed_fingers:

This time the IG won a big victory and they will continue to hinder us.

you can check it in megathread btw.

could be that its for accounts over the mp
im doing this number of actions in a week over the phone

doing 5-6 hundred followers per day
2-3 hundred likes per day
100 comments per day
no ev/pv action blocks at all