Updates on my TikTok

I feel like I should make a thread of all the stuff im trying to do to get my vids viral on TT and never succeed . Anywhooo, now im at the-bought a virtual USA card didn’t work and now im stuck with the phone number and can’t change it bc tt asks for ver, code and the guys who sold it to me doesn’t answer anymore— any idea how to solve this.

Vid updates: posting twice a day, good account but getting like 70 view (WTH) bleeding acc. i don’t know how tt deals with it right now, I try to get one of my friends from Uk to publish from their location on the account (delete the cache), and I publish second day from Asia too, same bleeding results. It’s a creator account and I can’t show any analytics bc of the number problem. Follow the update i will survive. of course that’s if TT would lol.