Upgrade AWS EC2 t2.micro to t2.large

I want to upgrade my EC2 instance from t2.micro to t2.large.

But I have data and applications installed I do not want to lose.

Anyone knows how this can be done?

Have you tried checking this link out?

Thanks @lordhungry.

That appears to be quite clear.

What I am not sure about is if the data is stored? I have JV running with dozens of accounts. Will I lose it?

Try to backup the whole Jarvee folder onto Google Drive or some other backup service. Although Jarvee doesn’t recommend this, it worked in my case while switching VPS providers and I got everything back - settings, accounts, everything.


If you need a server dedicated for running your favourite software let me know, I can set up a server optimized for it.

Also is possible to upgrade them over the time without needing to migrate every time to a new server.

Some people here are using my servers already with great performance :sunglasses:

As @lordhungry mentioned, backup the entire JV folder and copy all of it into the new installation folder. I did a recent move from AWS to my home server and had no problems whatsoever. If you don’t have a JV license for more than one machine, it will ask you to move the license, but that’s it.

back up is your best solution even if you’re 100% that everyhthing will go smoothly

Do you know the exact path to this? I seem to cannot find it.

Sure, send me PM with price and specs.

Thank you will try this!

Go to Jarvee > Settings > Error/backup > Open logs folder, and from there navigate up to the parent folder and zip all the content in it.

Thank you @lordhungry