Upload a photo of yourself facebook Please try again later

My account got a copyright infringement, I received the email and also an email saying I was 3 days blocked. When trying to login I get this problem where I need to send a picture, but any picture I send of myself I get this “Please try again later” error, tried on mobile, desktop, etc.

Anyone know how to bypass this issue?

hi i have the same error, tried many times and different platform. mobile browser.

do you still has this error or do you find a solution?

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Prolly some sort of suspension from verifying because it says try again later. My suggestion is to try again after couple of days.

I’m getting the exact same problem. My account randomly just shut down and then said they observed suspicious activity. It made me enter a new e-mail , phone number, and then got stuck here.

What actions have you been doing? Have you been doing some different things in regards to before?

Same issue here, I get an error message when I try to submit a photo to the site and also for the iOS video verification. I’ve been reporting every time my app fails by shaking my phone. It’s the only way I can get to any settings/help forms, so I’m hoping they’re actually going through. I’ve also been reporting the issue on a secondary account. I have 26 days to save my 13 year old profile and I want to scream.

On some occasions FB gives accounts a temporary ban, it might say you have been banned until the 1st may - which is what I have or it might just keep asking you to verify and not complete etc. Unfortunately the only option is to want 14 days plus without trying to verify!. In my experience after the ban is lifted, which you are not notified of, you will get a simpler verification eg enter DOB.

It could be different but on any type of restriction, I rest the account for 14 days.

UPDATE: Picture FINALLY went through, then they hit me with the “We have fewer people available to review information due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. This means we may be unable to review your account.” Pray for a bitch!

This happens two times on a week…both times succesfully recovered…but its weird. Im using Jarvee with two tool activated and the exchange social turned on.

i Lowered the settings between first to second block…lets see…

Hi may i ask what did u do in the end to have your photo uploaded?

Im having the same problem.
Try again later

Hi may i ask what u did in the end to have ur photo uploaded ok facebook?
Im having the same issue.

Error: try again later