Uploading Photos to Facebook Accounts

Hi, everyone! I didn’t find a clear answer to that, so wanted to ask to be sure. Is there a way to upload some photos through Massplanner to Facebook accounts? Or if I will do it manually through embedded browser, won’t my real IP get seen on the way when I click “browse photo” from my PC? Also, if I upload several photos right away, can it increase the chance for a ban of the account or this kind of action is not a big deal?

tools —> cover photo

you can change the cover photo and/or profile picture of a fb account there

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Ahh, I thought it only worked for Fan Pages lol. And what about extra photos? Other than the cover photo. And is there a point uploading more (of the same person), to make it look real?
Most real users tend to upload new photos occasionally, and having just one picture might make it look pretty weird.

No, you can choose between your wall and one of your pages

Of course.
I just do it manually when I set up the account and warm it up.
But you can use MP to automate that.

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Thanks! I think I am gonna do it manually as well.

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The embedded browser uses the proxy connected to the account, so even if you wanted to change or do anything using the embedded browser, Facebook will only be able to see the proxy IP.

Create destination list that will contain your profile’s wall. Then create new campaign and add bunch of pics, selfies of the same girl, maybe some quotes too, add destination list to campaign and set it to publish once per day.

You don’t have to do this manually.

Ahh I see. Yes, I thought there had to be some sort of a trick for that lol. Thank you! Once I’ll get to the campaign stage, I’ll make sure to remember that. Yesterday I was just making some initial edits to make the account look more natural.

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I was making new profiles and i am trying to automatize the process. And for making more real accounts i use this tool “cover photo” and checked “target profile photo instead cover photo” . Ok This tool is working fine, but the options “short description”, “long description” and “website” are not working. For me at least i fill it with nice good Beautiful sentences and nothing happen, MP just post the photo in blank.

Send message to support and we’ll see, not really forum material.

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