Upsells & Downsells You Can Use For Your IG Growth Agency

Hi everyone,

Decided to write a quick tutorial with some of my ideas that can increase your profits. In this thread I’ll list some upsells that you guys can use on your clients to increase your average order value and make more money in the long-term.

Post scheduling, content creation, or caption creation & hashtag research
The campaigns tool in Jarvee is an extremely powerful tool and you can easily use it as an upsell. You can ask your clients to send content for the next X amount of days, or you can create the content for them. You can then go ahead and schedule that content easily in the calendar tool with Jarvee. If you’re good with captions, you can charge them for creating captions as well and adding relevant hashtags.

Profile customization
Create a custom-designed profile picture, pictures for the highlights of the profile, a professional-looking bio & more for your client. Tell him that this can increase his follow-back rate.

Add TikTok Growth On The Side
TikTok is an extremely easy platform to grow with and currently has very little protection against botting compared to IG, therefore it’s extremely cheap as well. You can present your clients with the advantages of TikTok and easily charge them extra. Everybody knows TikTok nowadays and everybody knows that it’s exploding, so it shouldn’t be too hard to get a sale for that as well depending on how much you charge.

Resell Mass DMs
There are countless of mass DM services in the #public-marketplace or in other places! These kind of services are perfect for certain businesses as long as you have a nice message that converts. I know people who spend thousands on mass DMs more than they spend on actual growth because with great targeting and a good message it converts wonderfully!

Comment management
Tell your client that you’re able to delete negative comments in their posts for a fixed pricing every month. If your client does get negative comments every now and then it’s definitely worth it for him.

Business reviews (AKA Google My Business, Trustpilot etc)
This is a pretty well known upsell for a lot of businesses! You can hire someone to delete negative reviews on Google My Business or other similar services or hire someone to write custom positive reviews for you clients. The only thing you need to do is to charge more than him and you made easy, free money! Present your clients with the upsides of having good reviews online and how important they are. These kind of services can be found on pretty much every forum marketplace out there at this point, if you need a link just PM me.

I’ve seen people charging for the amount of actions the bot does, for example:
Package 1 is $XXX/month and includes 100 follows & 50 likes per day.
Package 2 is $XXX/month and includes 150 follows, 25 likes, and 25 comments a day
Package 3 is $XXX/month and includes 150 follows a day, 50 likes, 100 DMs
Create your own packages depending on your settings and make the one with the most amount of actions the most expensive one.

Facebook campaigns
Recently I’ve released a thread that shows the method I use to grow IG accounts with FB ads for as little as $10/day. You can charge your clients for a similar campaign set-up. The thread can be found here: [NEW STRATEGY ADDED] Get 100-300+ Followers A Day With Facebook Ads With $10/day

Tips for upselling

  • If it sounds “cheap” and minor, don’t charge too much!
  • Don’t charge for “one-time fees”, try to squeeze as much extra monthly payments as you can.
  • Always present the bonuses of each upsells and how it can benefit your client’s business.

Good luck with your business!