[URGENT] Fuelgram Powerlikes Alternative

Hey guys!

I am only posting every couple of weeks on Instagram, using fuelgram powerlikes to boost my posts with good results.

I have been suspecting it already but now with the recent Insta updates Fuelgram is down and can’t provide any services.

Do you guys know any reputable powerlike service that sells on a per post basis similar to fuelgram that still works?

Hope you can help me out :slight_smile:

Get to the foreign side, where your currency is more expensive than the one in a different country :slight_smile: So you’ll get cheaper likes :slight_smile: The best instruction> You enter the country, enter in Google in the language of this country (you use a translator) So it looks like this: For example, you enter instagram in Polish and you add the word lajki in the language of this country :slight_smile: And now search, it will be a lot :slight_smile: Regards <3

The only site I know is still working is Goso (I´m an ex customer). You can try that one, is not cheap.

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What was your experience with them?

Spooksie is a crook, he lies, cheats and steals. His service is at the whim of everyone else’s. $20 says that @tiburoncin is just a @spooksie alt (he was banned from here for good reasons)


I actually heard bad things about Goso but guess this just completely answers it thanks

I have been using thepennypanel and followwiz.

Unsure about the authenticity but it delivers the “number” of likes required

LOL, I have no interest in being a troll nor a clone. I used his service for a couple of months for 3 accounts and it worked for me, just talking from my experience. I don´t know who spooksie is nor his methods, as I said, I was once a user of the services, that´s it.

They are just bot accounts, but if you care about numbers only then they are fine hehe