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US Mobile & Worldwide Residential Proxy Networks With Granular Control



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Mobile Proxy Network (4G or WI-FI) - Mobile US Carriers

Our mobile networks include only IPs from major US Internet Service Providers (carriers), making it easy for you to avoid abusive blocks, cloaking, or throttling.

  • 200.000+ IPs From All US States
  • Geo-targeted IPs
  • Extended Or 30min Auto IP Rotation
  • Flexible Billing Periods
  • NO Monthly Commitment
  • 4G Or Wi-Fi Connection IPs
  • Dedicated Carrier Setup

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Worldwide Residential Proxy Network with more 7M+ IPs.

  • Starting from $3/GB (the cheapest around)
  • Unlimited connections (use it on multiple devices)
  • Request-based IP Rotation Or Session IP
  • Unlimited (multi-points) Access /w No Monthly Fees
  • Username:Password Authentication
  • HTTPS Support
  • 7.000.000+ IPs From 100+ Countries

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RISK-FREE: 24Hours Money-Back Guarantee!

We provide the option of testing our services free of charge and you can request a refund provided that all the following conditions are met:

  1. The refund is requested in the first 24-hours of your first purchase.
  2. Only the first payment is eligible for a refund (subsequent payments are not refundable).
  3. For Mobile Proxy Networks:
    1. You purchased only one plan of 1-day or 3-day (also known as Noob and Starter plans)
    with 2 access PORTS maximum.
    2. You have not purchased a 7-day or 30-day plan (also known as Regular or Plus plans)…
  4. For Residential Proxy Networks:
    1. Only 1 (one) GB of bandwidth is refundable . The first one used in your account (this
    is a good amount of data to test the network or to signal any issues)
    2. Any extra GB of bandwidth used after the first 1 (one) GB is not refundable (for example:
    if you use 3 (three) GB of bandwidth, you’ll be eligible for a refund only for the first 1 (one) GB used).

NOTE: Cryptocurrency payments (Bitcoin and other) payments are non-refundable.

e.g. when you top-up 20$ you'll get $24 balance

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Contact HydraProxy

1. How do your proxies rotate?

Our mobile proxies rotate automatically every 30 minutes. The residential proxies rotate on every request.

2. Can I setup manually the time when the gateway IP will rotate?

For the moment, only 30 min auto rotation is allowed for mobile and rotation on every request in case of residential proxies.

3. Do you support HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS protocols?

We offer HTTPs and SOCKS protocols for mobile proxies and HTTPs protocol for residential proxies.

4. Where are your proxies located?

We have mobile proxy IPs from all US states and worldwide residential proxies.

5. On what websites can I use your proxies?

Our proxies are 100% safe and undetectable.

6. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit cards (securely via Stripe), PayPal, and Cryptocurrencies.

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Thread approved. Good luck with the sales!

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Thank you @Adnan

Hi all!

To celebrate our sales thread’s approval, we are offering 3X 1-month FREE review copy to the first three MPSocial users who:

  1. Comment with “I want free trial
  2. You have more than 10 posts created on MPSocial

I want free trial :blush:

i want free trial

I want free trial

Hi @Boris,

Sorry, but I don’t think it’s fair for somebody like you, selling proxies to ask for a free trial when there are other MPSocial users who really need a proxy and could benefit from a month free proxy plan (who knows, maybe they have a limited budget and a free month could kickstart their project). :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry, but we’ll have to pass this one.


No worries, was just interested in US based proxies.
Good luck with sales! :+1:

Thanks you as well! :grinning:

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Hi all,

One more review copy available (one month 4g proxy for free).

Please reply with I want free trial.

I want free trial

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I want free trial

Hi, we don’t have any free trials left, but for being bold will offer a 24 hours free access. :slightly_smiling_face:

Details sent to your inbox.

Unfortunately, I tested this residential IP service and it full of proxy errors and when it’s working it’s extremely slow. Not worth the investment.

Test review:
We run10 IG accounts with different niches on the proxy, 2 shifts, and there is no issue until now. Also you can try more accounts and other social platforms, no any limit for the bandwidth. And we did not encounter the EV or PV when added the IG accounts to the proxy. So the mobile proxy is good.

The support is good, you can get in touch easily and get reply within several minutes. Recommend.

Attention: if need to run many accounts on one mobile proxy for any social platform, please make sure the accounts’ actions differently.

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Hi, thanks for sharing your feedback. We’re sorry your experience didn’t match your expectations. This was an uncommon instance affecting a part of our network, and we’ll do better. As we mentioned even when you contacted us via support (and in the email we sent to you): we had some issues affecting a small part of our network and a few clients. However, we are working to improve our service quality, and your feedback is of great help.

As a side note, we are still at the beginning of our journey (we launched in June 2020, a hell of a year to start a business!) and every day we work to improve our network and add new features.

Moreover, as you already know by the email we sent you this morning, we’ll compensate for any inconvenience caused to you. Have a great weekend.

Hi @vspg, Thanks for the details review and that you gave us a glance into your setup. We are still at the beginning of our journey and every day we work to improve our network and add new features.

PS: an IP timer (countdown until the IP rotates is coming soon) so you’ll be able to better schedule your accounts.

Review of proxy service :slight_smile:

I was satisfied with proxies for maximum. With comparsion with other US Residental proxies this is just fraction of price. Quality of proxies is awesome - There is no mark of blacklisted proxies. Speed is perfect. No downtimes.

BTW : Support is the great and fast. They reply almost asap.


@blue_lime Thank you for your review! Please do not forget that you can use the 10% discount in perpetuity.

I want to trial!