US Groups and Facebook Posting

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Around 5 days ago I discovered that I have some accounts that got old and from curiosity checked them to see what they have.

Well about 8 accounts from around 100 are still up and unbanned and got around 2K friends and 50-150 groups each.

I’m wandering if I can promote my travel niche website ( check out my journey to understand what I’m talking about ) posts ( they look something like this ) with affiliate links inside ?

All the groups are state targeted.I have :

  • Delaware
  • Arizona
  • New Jersey
  • Massachusetts
  • Washington, District of Columbia
  • Connecticut
  • California
  • Hawaii

Each account has one state, but in those groups there are other US related ones, all with good amount of members and all public ones.

Can do something else too, not only related to my journey, but it will be a waste to ban those account.

Of course you can, the minimum you can do is make a post on each account’s wall as if you have 2k friends with each accounts some of them will see those posts and might be interested. After that set it to post to 2-5 random groups each day sharing good stuff from your travel site. Make sure you do it at different times with all accounts though, Fb is picky if you start posting with 8 accounts at the same time the same link/domain …


I will have around 10 links ( I can get more as its my own website :wink: ).

Hope that when I login on them I will not get them fried…

They are not under proxies, and I’m not going to buy proxies just for this test.

Oh and the groups are much more than I taught as I revierified the accounts .

Arround 800-900 groups, all US based and with minimum members of 1000 .

Since you don’t have proxies, try with 1 first, see how it goes and decide if you want to scale after that.

The travel website will need some more time till I get it up and running.

I’m thinking about CPA ( don’t know good programs ) as that will monetizez and also make some earnings.