🇺🇸 USA 🇺🇸 Is anyone using an Online Checking Account? Which Online Bank is Best?

Hey fam. I’ve been running the client management biz through my personal checking account, and I really wish I would have opened a separate checking account in the beginning just to make accounting less of a headache come tax season. But hey, even though I can’t change the past, I can always change the future by opening an account today!

The thing is, I’m currently in Europe for the next couple months, and I don’t think the major US Banks will allow me to open an account online. Maybe, but idk.

I’ve looked into some of the banking companies like Ally, Charles Schwab, Capital One, etc., but it’s so hard to decide. Do any of you have experience with online banking in the US?

Thanks in advance :sunglasses:

P.S. On second thought, it’s probably pretty dumb to start this thread when all the Americans are asleep… Eh, we’ll see :man_shrugging:t4:

Maybe there are some US banks with locations in Europe? So you can visit them and try to open an account there.


True! I’ll look into that. I doubt there are any in the small town I’m in, but perhaps when I visit Helsinki I’ll see some.

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I can’t recommend Fidelity enough … it’s all online too

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Ayyyy way to revive my thread! I’ll look into Fidelity :+1:t3:

You can open a borderless account with Transferwise.

That’s what I did to save hundreds of $ of conversion fees from paypal. Took me weeks to find this solution.

Now I can add my USD borderless bank information to paypal and withdraw in USD, even though I live in Europe. Then I transfer from my borderless account directly to my local bank and get a great conversion rate (even better than what my bank would give).


Transferwise wont let you open a us bank account, only GBP, EUR and AUD. Check out payoneer, it has option for individuals but they may also have us bank accounts for business

Yeah… Just tried to open a US account with a European temporary address, and it’s a whole clusterfuck now. I’m still going to try, as it does offer a USD account.

Check Payoneer. With Transferwise you can Send Money to and from a US Bank account. But it wont work as a bank account on its own (You dont get aba nor routing so you wont be able to recieve money to another account other than the one you already have)