USA/UK Cities & States List


Thought this list might be helpful for some of you who are looking to target locations!


That’s not a public list…unless you plan on grabbing all our emails :wink: Are you zuckerberg? I bet you’re zuckerberg <_<


Make a public document, then maybe someone will use it :slight_smile:


my bad, copied the wrong link :confused:


Awesome thank you :smiley: Looks pretty thorough…I tried thwarting it with the names of some pretty off the trail towns I know of in the US…your list had them. :open_mouth:


Glad this list is of help to you! I definitely ain’t zuck, I am the Sensei :wink:


turned it on, it is public alr :slight_smile:


Dope, thank you!


It might be useful, thanks


What do you guys use city location targeting for if you don’t mind me asking?


Nice, thank you!

How do you import this?


You can probably look at Instagram/E-mail targeting.


I got it from an acquaintance so I thought it will be nice to share it with you guys as well!


How do i import this list into jarvee though? copy and paste, one by one?


Thank you for the sharing! Curious to know how you could scrape all those American cities? :innocent: