Use of hastag in comment

Hello everyone
Can anyone explain how we can use hastags in comment?
Suppose i posted a post and i used 30 hastags and i want to use more hastags so can i put hastags in comment or i have to use diffrent account and comment a hastag on my post.?

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Are you publishing the post via Jarvee? If yes, you can use the [COMMENT] token on the caption so that any words/hashtags placed after it will be published as the first comment on the post.


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No. You have to use your own account to post a comment which includes your hashtags.

Ok, how many hastags we can use in comments @Jaha

Wait you’re saying you’ve already posted a post with 30 hashtags in its caption and you want to add more hashtags in its comment section?

this won’t help you at all, it’s like a user commented on your post using a different account it will benefit the account that posted the hashtags not the account that published the post.

Yes thsi is what i meant to say

How to do this manually without any tool?

You can go to your post’s comment page, type your hashtags manually then click Post

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Thank you soo much @Jaha for explaining in brief

I found a really handy tool for managing hashtags. It not does that but provides you valuable insights to your accounts as well. And does a couple other things, that you can try for yourself. It’s called hashtag slayer. You can try that as well.