Use of VPN for manual follow / unfollow actions

Hello, who uses VPN and does manual follow / unfollow actions face many block problems? I did a test with a VPN and in a certain location and took a block at the same time, so I moved to a second location and the block disappeared immediately. So can I use VPN without too many problems? What is your opinion? I’m already very grateful!

A VPN IP is shared between other people, so depending how many people are connected to the same server you may experience blocks. Use a dedicated VPN if you want to go that route and not a Private 4g proxy.

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Thanks for the advice and clarification!

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If you use a commercial VPN you are sharing a datacentre IP with many others. Probably these are the worst IP’s you can get.

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I’m testing a VPN, some ips Instagram blocks at the same time, so I switch to another IP, and the blocking disappears at the same time. (I’m doing manual actions)

A dedicated VPN is the best solution for you