Using 3 Phones to run 15 Accounts

Hi All,

I’ve been testing using an old phone on the 4g hotspot running J on a laptop and it has been working well.

I Want to use this method to manage another 10 acs but Im unsure how to

a) Use a seperate 4g connection on the same laptop
b) input the ip address of the other phones on to the proxy manager on J

Has anyone done this before if so what was the set up ?

Thanks so much

Good question , anyone ? :wink:

If your phone device can play wifi, turn it into a wifi hotspot. Then use your laptop to connect to that wifi, have fun :))

you can use proxy over the phone
or use wirelss (not that recommended)
or you can buy data plan for your phone
either way it should work… you shouldnt have any problems

why not just run those 15 accounts on the 3 phones and do manual actions?
you can do 200 follow over the phone in few minutes

15 accounts and all manual following? Damn yo, who on earth has that much time on their hands?

Unless it’s a hobby or something but usually botting is part of a whole business and people need their time to take care of their front end businesses too

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a cheaper model would be 3G / 4G modems probably

Is it ok if log 10 accounts on 1 phone ?
Thank you

No the maximum is 5 but can I use 3 diff hotspots on the same laptop or on jarvee ?

You did around 200 follow in one run?
I thought there are also follow limits per hour when doing it manually on the phone.

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You need to do that smart… Do 40-50 stop for 45 minutes and again till you get to 500-600

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That’s what I was wondering, if you do 200 follows in few minutes or in multiple runs.
Doing around 50 per hour was what I was doing back then, and I plan on doing it like this again.
I thought you mean you can follow 200 users in 1 hour manually. That would be great, and actually Instagram could allow that for “normal/manual” users since they found out new ways to spot and stop automating users recently.

Do you mean one day follow limit for manual users is 500-600?

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Can be higher then that actually…


Do you have tested that? @ethantole1


“Doing around 50 per hour was what I was doing back then, and I plan on doing it like this again.”

Come on bro, you can max this out by multiplicate it by 3 ! :wink:


I’m using a management company to handle my accounts… And yes they are doing that every day

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