Using after landing page, before content locker?

Do you think it would make using cpa offer on IG any more risky if I went from google shortened link --> wordpress landing page --> ad --> content locker? Would the hurt in conversion possibly be made up for by the revenue from the is crap. You’ll lose a lot of traffic there and revenue you’ll earn from their ads is low. You need 1000 USA visits for $5 I think and half of visitors will hit back button as soon as they see adfly.

I vote:No adfly :slight_smile:
Find better option.

Will definitely steer away from it then! Thank you!

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no point in selling your traffic that cheap to adfly, plus you would have really lowwww click through rates to your locker, you don’t want that

Why not just load popunders on your landing page?

It’s really a bad idea believe me