Using an emulator to do IG

Hey guys! I want to be able to put story highlights and add a few more manual tasks in the mix while I automate on jarvee.

I know that you need to have a cell phone rooted for it to use proxies and im not voiding my warranty on my phone to do that.

However I do use an emulator for a game I play. Its red finger cloud emulator.
Is there an app I can use that can change the proxy and any suggestions for me doing this would be helpful?

You can also add stories to highlights and create highlights with Jarvee, not sure if you are aware of that :slight_smile: also not sure about other manual tasks you want to do :slight_smile:

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I want to make story highlights and add them. Can’t seem to do that in embedded browser

Will just be random actions to make the account seem more legit. Atm I feel as though Ig knows what accounts are using automation. Hence you can do a lot more actions manually then on jarvee.

You can use a proxy in any device, android or iOS. Just using the device settings.

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Oh I heard it has to be rooted though?

No :wink: check your device.

use some playstore apps instead

Yeah, you can’t do that on the embedded browser. But you can create highlights in Global Tools > IG story viewer

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@ossi do you know if you can take the proxy off a cloud emulator to put on jarvee? Want to try make and warmup a few accounts and see if its easier that way. Then bring to automation

personally i advise u to use an android phone connected to a dongle, then use one pc with jarvee license , connected to same dongle and do the warm up ( as it seems you’re doing not bulk )

What kind of dongle?
I have about 15 accounts I’m running. But they all get lots of action blocks and arnt made by me. So, want to try create and setup my own manually and warm up for a week. Then switch to automation and see if there a less issues

any 4g modem it will work

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Yeah I thought about that. The problem is that its like $80 a month for unlimited data where I live. So to run lots of accounts would be very expensive. Costs me $12us a month for my cloud phone emulator

I would honestly suggest to test by creating a whole bunch of accounts in different ways, let them rest for a couple of days, then put them in any 4G proxy provider on MY Social and see which ones stick.

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Are you warming up your newly made ones slowly or just going straight into it?

Yeah my theory is ones that are made manually should last longer and have less issues than others. Just a theory though

Rest then warm up

I’ve bought a couple of “HQ”, “aged”, etc accounts and all of them died (except from 1 seller who I can’t say). The secret is in the account.