Using an IP VPN Apps

I don’t really understand the IP VPN usage. I downloaded the IP Vanish app to help me change my ip on my iPhone and it’s still not helping me recover my disabled Instagram account. Don’t know if I’m doing anything wrong. Can someone explain the ip vpn app

[quote]Your mobile device is an important part of your life that travels with you everywhere you go - so why not protect it? When you’re on the move all of your activities containing your private data (social media, banking, messaging, emails) are not safe from prying eyes and cyber criminals unless you’re using a VPN.

IPVanish mobile apps are the easiest and most effective way to secure your on-the-go Internet connections. After you download the iOS or Android app, within seconds you’re connected to a secure server with an anonymous IP address. This turns Wi-Fi hotspots into a safe environment because not only is your online data now passed through an encrypted tunnel, but your true location is also hidden behind an IPVanish anonymous IP.[/quote]


That will NOT help you get your account back, and would probably make it even more difficult.

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Thank you! Helpful info

I figured after not having any luck