Using cloaked links for instagram DMs

Ssup good people, I’m grateful for all the value I have garnered from this community in the past one month alone (when I joined). :pray:t4::pray:t4:
So I have in inquiry for those using cloakers to send IG links.

So a friend of mine helped me cloak a couple of links I was sending to new followers.
I tried sending the message to my personal page and realized that the links show previews of totally unrelated articles. I assume this is how cloakers work.

Here is a picture of the same.

So my worry is, will this affect the CTR since I am targeting people in the fashion niche and the preview shows them sh*t about Trump?


That’s for sure :joy:


Haha, I had sent several messages since yesterday. I bet the recipients are probably wondering what kind of links those are.:rofl::rofl:

Do you use cloaked links as well?

ngl this is so funny :joy:


Didn’t you know that all cloacked links are automatically replaced by “instagram spidermans” and redirected all to advertorial on Trump?


I don’t sorry. I don’t spam

Haha, I honestly had no clue man… Lol!
But now I know, guess I’m gonna test it and see how my CTR is

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Perhaps you could have the traffic redirected to a fashion/fitness blog post that’s a safe site .
The user still will still be redirected to the money page .
Instagram will show the preview of what it can fetch from it’s own IP.
So probably you could link to a page very similar to money page so user doesn’t feel it’s deceptive.

Can you share which cloaker your friend used specifically.

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Sure! I guess that will work. Will try that.

About the cloaker used. I’m honestly not sure. Lemme ask him and I’ll let you know.

Are you also using cloakers through link in bio?

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Yes, I am having the links in my bio as well…
I actually want to test using them solely in bio and tell the DM recipients to click it in bio, so that it avoids the funny previews I get when sending directly as message.

That sounds like a smart plan :slight_smile:
How long have you been using the cloakers with the link in bio? Have you had any issues with the accounts?

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About 3 weeks now. No issues so far

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which cloacker service you are using?

your claocker trash
my links dont have any previews

Which cloaker are you talking about man?

your one is trash

I stopped using it, which one are you using now?